Summer in February

It only took one fine Friday evening
A sad traffic
Small talks about Great Depression to Apollo 11
Intertwined heart and love-hurt experiences
A tiny blue speck
Two beers
Cold upper my skin

You're imperfect, 
and you're wired for struggle, 
but you are worthy of love and belonging

Shuffled songs
Slow dance
Embraced me, you
Kisses on forehead

"Are you happy today?"
I answered nothing, but I smiled,
one big smile from ear to ear
"You smiled. Means that you're happy."
You landed another sweet kiss on my hair

A ride to home
Tight hug inside your grey coat
Talking about paradoxes and night owls
You said you were jubilant


You know, I'm not in love with you
But a void inside filled
As an oxygen filled my lungs
Don't set me free

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