There’s Saturn beaming above us
When we turned walk down on road, as a great company, as a soon lover
We never stop keep presuming what’s Saturn do over there,
why she stares on us intensely, or she probably just envy, or she longs to be lover
Why ought to jealous of us,
We’re not even great of silver lining products, not even shine or sweet tender darlings, no one adore us.
Isn’t it baffling?
Way she doesn't understand about us, the way she really expect us to be together.
Saturn never guess we have commitment issue.
Saturn wears the ring high definition of affection from entire universe.
Saturns has to apprehend, we just pulled by gravity that only mean to fall for each other, not for being together.
Till we will realised latter.

Semanggi, Jakarta Mei 2015