Please Don't Promise Me Forever

It’s 1976 and you’re dating a man named Rick. He has a mustache and owns at least one reindeer sweater. High off of reading The Easter Parade and The Great Santini, he’s all pumped up to write the next great American novel but, to make ends meet, he’s currently working for Hallmark. He’s been really cagey about his latest project, only revealing that this will be the first time Hermann Zapf‘s Crown font is used in a publication. 

 The fact is, things could be better between the two of you; he forgot your birthday… then your anniversary. Then there was that time he bit your head off on the car ride home for making fun of him during a game of Monopoly at a friend’s house. 

Now, imagine it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re not expecting much but Rick surprises you. It turns out that book he was working on, it’s all about you! And your relationship! Your eyes well up with tears of joy. Then, as you skim through, they become tears of something else. 

You discover that the book is full of lines like this: “Please don’t get mad at me if I forget your birthday or some special day we share.” And there’s even a photo depicting couples board game night paired with this text: “Please don’t… make me look foolish in front of other people.”

Isn't love too small and simple?

Warm Christmas

all I want for Christmas is warm, stack of books, or go camp in somewhere cold but still, in deepest warm.
Happy Early Christmas and New Year!