Send This Beautiful Drama To Lola

Send this beautiful drama to Lola
The exquisiteness exodus that beyond her imagination
Send to her,
the dearest hello from familiar stranger with a pack of lullabies
Later, when she takes her daily dose of xanax, she will take it less
Her pain won't consume her faith any less
Take her soul, conveys her trailblazing invention to me
I'll duplicate another beautiful drama and save her soul for later
Serve Lola as my dinner, slice her into two but sort her legs, weed them out
I desire her lungs and heart, and save her drama for later



If I have a chance to travel somewhere sooner or later, I promise I'll do this thing:
1. Send a postcard to home, for myself.
2. Go to the local market and observe their trading behaviour and their commodities
3. Buy their unique local tea.


I Hide My Feeling

I hide my greatest feeling in Singapore
As I walked out the street wherever my feet want to go
I run towards nowhere else
Get lost in desire
I never said it to you
I want you to be here, not anyone else
Cause I realised that regret always come afterwards

Singapore, February 2016


I carelessly fell out my wallet and passport in Matsuyama
Yes, it was scared shit out of me
But less than 24 hours, I got them back without even a penny less
"Gomenasai. I was so careless. I promise this won't happen again."
They handed with smile from ear-to-ear. "Daijoubu. Daijoubu-dayo."

If I return to Japan, perhaps I will always step back in Tokyo, but not in Matsuyama
Not as busy as Tokyo, Ehime prefecture, particularly in district Matsuyama, there's more like a place to live, where people are commuting by bike or tram.
I saw almost no skyscraper building and there's lot warmer here than in Tokyo, takes an hour flight to the southern Japan.

What else? Could you begging for more its hospitality?

Matsuyama, March 2016

The Letter to Tokyo

I'm in love with Tokyo as aspired with every corner of this city
It simply beautiful, quite minimal yet concise
First time I stepped my feet here, I promise that I'll come back again
It was early spring, where everything hasn't ready yet to blossom
The temperature was nearly 3-4 in Celsius degree at the time
And rainstorms dropped almost every time
But Tokyo, there's not only early spring that coming unto you
I'm enamored for this city
Sooner, later, I'll come back in your arms

Tokyo, March 2016


The Wind

So let the wind guide you like the tides of the Atlantic
'Cause in the end, life don't go just like we planned it 
I know it seems like we'll come up empty-handed 
But look at this harvest we've already planted

We'll keep going, we won't give up.


Aku Tidak Ingin Menulis Lagi Tentangmu

Aku tidak ingin menulis lagi tentangmu
Karena sudah habis asa untuk menelaah pendirianmu
Kau melarangnya, katamu kau enggan

Padahal karaktermu sulit dibaca, sehingga menarik untuk kutuliskan
Tapi kau bilang jangan, meskipun betapa semantiknya aku, kau tahu

Mungkin aku kelak akan menuliskan kau dalam eulogi, di kolom obituari
Semua, segala hal tentangmu akan lenyap di detik kelima setelah kau mati

Aku ingin berhenti menulis elegi dan pedih tentangmu
Ku ingin simpan semua sedih ini
Seperti menyimpan semua cinta padamu


Bunga dan Perempuan

Dua hal yang selalu terlihat cantik di mataku
Bunga dan perempuan