Have You Ever Felt This Way, The Way I Do?

We made it here together thinking nothing else will get in our way
It's a battle of the last one left that we both must raise 
Sometimes I can't rely on times, I start to lose my faith in yesterday
Then you come along and you hold me, you tell and say
Our love is stronger than that a little bit of dust won't cover these tracks
it's all apart of this game that we play
I'm here to stay, I'm here to stay 
Our love will fill all these cracks 
Our time may feel as we're under attack
But we'll stand, yes I battle side
I'm here to stay, and I'm here to stay 
Can't help this feeling, I realise my mind's kinda messed up me 
Oh, let me tell her what I'm true just to set me free
Oh, sometimes it's hard to break the times
I keep on thinking 'bout how to "L O V"
But then you come around and turn them back on my dream


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