A Healer

"I cannot be more grateful than these days, you're sunshine to my universe. Shine on!" I said it to the guy that eventually I know, I would like to spend my whole life with.
He smiled tenderly, and I know I love the gap between his bunny teeth.

And the songs played.
Come closer to me 
Let me cure you let me be your medicine 
I will take you in away 
Let me bright another day 
Let me love you

He's 178 cm tall, bespectacled, has tattoo on his arms, ankle and his back, but it's unimportant. He's the one who loves me like no body else, he concerns about our future, chasing his passions and dreams and also supporting me.

Sometimes, we share about places to visit, our Gibraltar dream, Palestinian's life, Nepal itinerary. Simply, we're craving for the adventure. And I'm in love with this mature relationship.
Not even in a single time I'd ever felt I fall in love alone.

He's the one with that speciality who makes me believe that one day, I will walk into the aisle, and that guy will wait in front of the altar.
I don't know what spell he's done to me, I never expect to know either.
He's the one I've been looking for and I don't want anyone else.

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